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The Comfort Cub is the world's very first weighted therapeutic teddy bear that was created by our founder Marcella Johnson in 1999 after her infant son, George, passed away. She invented it to help other mothers who were suffering from the loss of their child. The teddy bear is specially weighted and is intended to feel like holding a newborn.

While the initial intent of The Comfort Cub was for child loss, evidence shows it provides profound relief for any traumatic event. This includes having to leave the hospital while your baby is still in the NICU, the loss of a spouse, parent, loved one or pet. It has also been effective for occupational & autism therapy, adoptions and those experiencing divorce.

Due to deep touch pressure, holding The Comfort Cub triggers the brain to release the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, which causes the body to relax and feel comforted. The Comfort Cub has been scientifically proven to decrease heaviness in the chest & aching in the arms, as well as other physical manifestations of a distressing loss.*

*Preliminary study by San Diego Hospice

A Message From Our Founder

Dear Friend,

Experiencing a loss in your life-a child, a spouse, a parent, grandparent, family member, friend, or any type of great loss is devastating. I know, I have had great loss in my life too.

There really is not a whole lot we can do when someone we love is experiencing this kind of grief. The most important thing we can do is to let them know we care.

My hope is that by sending them a Comfort Cub that their burden is lifted a little and their healing can begin.

Marcella Johnson

Marcella Johnson
Marcella Johnson

Stories About The Comfort Cub

"Holding a weighted bear is such a comfort and such a sense of peace and love."

Lauren's Story is one of many and shows us how a little cub can help bring peace, love, and comfort to someone dealing with a great loss in their life.

"You put the bear in their arms, and something amazing happened..."

Amanda's Story, told by her Mother Missy, is story of hope for others and shows us how a little cub can bring peace and smiles to a group of friends that had just dealt with a great loss in their lives.

"Every time I hug him, it makes me really happy!"
Meet "Cuddles", Stephanie's very own weighted therapeutic teddy bear! This is proof positive that The Comfort Cub and those with special needs are a winning combination.

"It was different, it's not just a bear. I just wanted to cuddle it!"
Trudi's Story is one of many and shows us how a little cub can bring peace, love, and comfort to someone dealing with a loss in their life.

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