What is Takotsubo Syndrome?

Takotsubo Syndrome

Have you ever been so sad that you felt like your heart was broken? Broken Heart Syndrome or "Takotsubo Syndrome" is a condition that is very real and affects many people. It's a malady that causes the heart's left ventricle to enlarge when the body and mind deals with severe grief, stress, and trauma. This in turn produces many other symptoms throughout the body that make it difficult to function normally.

Pronounced: (Taco-Sue-Bow)

Holding or clutching a weighted object, like a Comfort Cub, can help calm the nervous system. For many, our cubs have been a way to fill a heart's void and relieve a broken spirit. We really believe that our fuzzy bears are truly "Hope you can Hold."

Enlarged left Ventricle can cause:

  • Chest pain and shortness of breath
  • Electrocardiogram abnormalities that mimic a heart attack
  • Movement abnormalities in the left ventricle
  • Overworked nervous system

Holding a Comfort Cub can begin the healing.

  • When you hold a weighted object it calms the system by releasing the neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine, which elicits a feeling of well-being
  • Our cubs have helped thousands of people with broken hearts
  • Hospitals have used Comfort Cubs for patients grieving

Preliminarily Scientific Study

The Therapeutic Use and Impact of the Comfort Cub® Program In Perinatal Bereavement


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