These Comfort Cubs are priceless. They have been found to be most helpful in the grieving process for my patients who have lost a baby. We are grateful we have this resource available to us when words fail.

Dr. Kevin McNeely, OBGYN Scripps Clinic

There were so many cards and flowers that we received during this time but nothing compared to The Comfort Cub. This Comfort Cub helped me to heal and helped me to remember to breathe.

Beth S., Purchase, New York (Lost Child)

I was lucky and was given this sweet treasure after I lost my daughter. Those who receive this bear will feel closer to our departed.

Katie B., Savannah, GA

Holding the bear made me feel instantly safe & has made my arms not quite so empty anymore.

Jenna K., Billings, MT

Just hold this sweet Comfort Cub to your heart and it will warm and soothe your aching arms and give you peaceful rest.

Lee R., Boston, Massachusetts (Lost Husband)

Having the Comfort Cub to hold helps to calm you down and your burdens don’t feel so heavy.

Patty N. San Diego, CA (Patty is in her 50’s. The Comfort Cub was given in the loss of her elderly parents.)

This little bear was such a great help with my grief when we lost our Will. Thanks Marcella, this is a wonderful thing that you do for women and families in need.

Sherry E., Dallas, Texas (Sherry's nephew Will was 16 years old.)

In the spirit of the original Mother’s Day celebration honoring lost family members, consider buying a Comfort Cub in the name of your mother to be given to a mother in need. I know firsthand how powerful this teddy bear can be—the comfort it provides is immeasurable.

Karen Anderson, Clinical Supervisor at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns

For many years the brief precious life of baby George has touched many lives and families around the country. Through the inspiration of his mother's grief, The Comfort Cub was lovingly designed... grace and purpose, real life experience and the goal of relieving physical and emotional aching from the absence of their baby in her life. I have witnessed first hand what these therapeutic bears have done to lessen the heartache and aching empty arms of a grieving mother, the tenderness with which they are held reveals the indescribable meaning they have in the grieving heart.

Liz Sumner, Director, The Center for Compassionate Care. (Developed one of first Perinatal hospice programs in the country.)

These comfort cubs are the most amazing bears ever!!!! My daughter Amanda Post was killed in a horrible car accident when she was 18 years old. Her loss was devastating to all of us. All of Amanda's friends got Comfort Cubs. These cubs helped us all so very much. Most of these cubs traveled to colleges with Amanda's friends where they were loved and cuddled. These cubs have given such comfort to us all. Thank you for this generous gift to those of us who have lost someone we loved

Missy P. San Diego , CA

I have slept with that little teddy bear every night, as though she were still here with me, in my arms.

Christina C., Mesa, AZ

This cub was so amazingly helpful at the time of my loss.

Frances G., San Francisco, CA

Ella passed away when she was 5 months old. We were fortunate enough to get a bear from Rady’s Children’s Hospital. I have slept with that little Teddy Bear in my arms every night as though she was still here with me, in my arms…Thank you for creating this very special program, and for providing sweetness when the heart needs it the very most.

Christy C., San Diego, CA (Ella was 5 months)

Trinity Ann was born still on June 11, 2009…There were so many cards and flowers we received during this time but nothing compared to the Comfort Cub. I slept with this cub for many nights, our one year old twins played with the cub. The Comfort Cub helped me to heal and helped me to remember to breathe. The extraordinary kindness of someone sending me this bear is something I will always remember. I hope I will never have to send one, but will be grateful I can provide another mother some peace.

Beth S. Chicago, Illinois (Trinity Ann was stillborn)

We work with courageous young women that choose adoption for their baby. Traditionally we visit a birthmother in the hospital when her precious baby is going home with the adoptive family. When we go, we always bring a Comfort Cub. It is our intention to let her know we recognize and respect how hard it must be to leave the hospital with empty arms and that we admire her choice. They would parent their baby if the circumstances were different; they chose Open Adoption for the sake of the baby. She experiences joy and peace, but also great loss. We are thankful that the Comfort Cub can be an expression of love in a time of need and that in some small way it can help to fill a void and help to bring healing to empty armed mothers. Bless you for the work you do and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share the Comfort Cubs with our birth moms.

Sally B. Adoptive Agency Director

I know it’s the best decision for my child. It [The Comfort Cub] helps me remember that I made the right decision.

Jessica K. (Birth Mother)

I got a [Comfort] Cub when my baby passed away. It was so helpful to me that I just purchased one for my 94 year old grandma after my grandpa died. I know it will bring her a lot of comfort too.

Brooke T., Oceanside, California

I opened it. OMG! He is soooo soft and funny enough he smells like my son Carter's blanket. Thank you Thank you Thank you. A million times thank you! You dont know how this has touched my heart. I'll cherish The Comfort Cub forever!

Andreanna J. Kansas City, Kansas

Thank you for everything you have done over the years to support perinatal hospice and for the Comfort you have brought our grieving families.

Joanie A. Spiritual Counselor, Scripps Hospice

Thank you for the Comfort Cub Teddy Bears! They bring so much comfort to our families. We appreciate your support.

Christine Q. Hospice Manager, Scripps Hospice

I am a pastor. This has been so helpful to us for many years at Pomerado Hospital, The Red Cross and through Billy Graham Ministries.

Dan B. Pomerado Hospital, Poway, CA

I love my heavy bear

Van B. Age 4, San Diego, CA (Van was having trouble at preschool and the bear helped him to calm down.)

For a 16 year old, I am sure it is difficult (to lose a child). Friends and relatives are telling her, “You are young. You will have another baby when the timing is better for you.” And “You have your whole life ahead of you.” As her teacher, I have not discussed it with her. I just want to give her a Comfort Cub and let that be my message to her.

Julie S. Teacher Savannah, Georgia

A precious child takes a last gentle breath following a long, difficult battle with cancer. The family is well-known to the pediatric oncology nursing team. These nurses have cared for, supported and loved this child through the rollercoaster ride of treatment; the days that bring great joy when cancer goes into remission, the days that bring great sorrow when news of recurrence is learned. But perhaps the greatest of sorrows comes at this final moment, at the bedside of a little one who leaves this world as we know it for the soul journey that lies beyond. In this moment, in the face of overwhelming grief and sadness, there are no medicines or treatments left to carry out, so we offer our caring presence. Is there some last gesture to comfort a mother's empty arms on the final walk out of the hospital? We are so thankful that we can say yes, now that we have the Comfort Cub to count among our resources for grieving families. As one of those pediatric oncology nurses, my heart is filled with gratitude for these furry little messengers of comfort and love. The giving of the cub is a powerful moment... a mother's small smile as she holds out her arms; the cub is embraced, and held close. We walk together out of the hospital doors, she holds the cub tenderly, resting her tear-stained cheek against it's soft fur. I wave goodbye. I hope she knows how much we care, how much her child mattered. I hope too, that this little bear is a small step to help her begin to soften the jagged edges of her grief. I know this little bear has helped me more tenderly care for my patient. Thank you, Comfort Cub.

JoAnne Auger, RN, CHPPN (Rady Children's Hospital)

It was something that was great because I had something to hold. It helped emotionally…it was really relieving almost. At night it’s most helpful because that’s when I think about everything and the baby.

Jessica K. (Birth Mother)

They [The birth Mothers] are very moved by it. Because of the weight and the heart that went into producing them, they’re something that is so touching. It’s nice to acknowledge the vulnerability at that point and their empty arms.

Sarah J.

These furry cubs give love to birth mothers who make the hard but courageous choice to place their baby for adoption.

Loving Choice Adoption and Parenting Services

These Comfort Cubs are worth their weight in gold! I have been a L&D nurse for 31 years and to witness the comfort these cubs brings to grieving mothers is profound. I am so grateful we have them.

Sara Norris, Palomar Medical Center, Escondido

Our son was born at 26 weeks and 4 days after 11 days of hospital bed rest. His prognosis was considered very good until day 4 when an ultrasound of his brain showed catastrophic grade 3/4 bleeding. We made the excruciating decision to remove our precious son off life support. When we were ready to hand our baby over for the last time, our nurse came in with the comfort cub for me to hold so when I walked out of the NICU and the hospital for the last time, my arms would not be empty. That moment, of watching Ferris walk one direction with his nurse, and then turning to walk the opposite direction to leave, was, without a doubt, one of the worst moments of my life. I clung to that bear like my life depended on it and am so thankful someone had thought to give grieving parents that.

Kelly O., Pleasanton, CA

It was a very thoughtful gesture that helped us make the transition from the NICU room back into the real world. It helped us a great deal and I'm thankful that it has helped to ease my wife's sorrow in some way. Ferris, you will be our baby forever.

Daniel O., Pleasanton, CA

From the moment I held this adorable bear in my arms I felt immediate comfort, security and love.

Debbie D.

I didn't know how much this bear would really help me. But it does. Love my Comfort Cub.

Susan B.

The moment when I opened the box I felt the warmth and comfort of this loving little bear cub. When I held the bear I instantly felt comfort, love and hope.

Rose Marie D. (79 Years Old)

I can't fully describe in words how much it meant, how much it helped, how holding a furry little bear in my arms soothed my broken heart.

Gracie B.

The first time I held my bear it saved my life I didn't feel as much emptiness I was still hurting but my arm wasn't hurting. When I left the hospital I didn't have my son but I had a bear that would help me get through hard times.

Rachael S.

I was so heart broken, the cub made it better, I held mine and cried. This was the best gift to give to any person who loses their baby.

Jen E.

I’m grateful to be the nurse who gets to give this..and bring some small measure of comfort during a most difficult time.

Rachel R.

I had nightmares, after getting my bear I felt comfort..I place the bear on my chest. I am able to go back to sleep. You are a true angel!

Sarah W.

I have someone to hug.

Shannon M.

It’s heaviness feels like an infant and is really soothing to hold. Thanks for introducing this therapeutic tool to me.

Katy B.

It has given us much comfort after the passing of our son and really brightened my day.

Heather A.

I was amazed at how good it felt holding the ear, the pain in my arms subsided a little and a small sense of calmness.

Naomi O.

On really hard days, I carry the bear with me and clutch it my chest as I fall asleep. Holding the bear significantly reduced the amount of panic attacks I experienced.

Jessica F.

So very huggable. I put him on my bed to give me the comfort I need.

Karen H.

This bear has and continues to help me heal tremendously.

Solangel G.

We received our Comfort Cub over 10 years ago..it is well loved and cherished even to this very day.

Tamberly S.

I cried but, it was happy tears because I had the bear to help me through this. All I can say is it works. It makes your heart happy.

Alisha S.

This was given to me and the first thing I did was rock it back and forth and pat its bottom like a new born. Sometimes the night is so unbearable. I brought the bear to bed and held him like my baby. I love my Comfort Cub.

Susan P.B.

When I was given The Comfort Cub I was skeptical. I am shocked by how much it really helps me to feel better.

Laurie B. (Las Vegas Shooting Survivor)

The Comfort Cub has helped me with my nightmares.

Sara W. (Las Vegas Shooting Survivor)

I got my Comfort Cub today. I cried, thank you for everything!

Lori H.

After the fires we were devastated and in shock. The Comfort Cub has been soothing for our community. Thank you.

Erin E. (After Wild Fires in California)

I can't fully describe in words how much it meant, how much it helped, how holding that furry little bear in my arms soothed my broken heart. You're helping people during the most painful time in their lives. I am forever grateful for this beautiful gift of The Comfort Cub and look forward to passing that kindness on to others.

Grace A.

Comfort Cub... Please help comfort me, I can't handle it anymore. I miss my sleeping princess. I miss her and just want to hold her.

Tracy B.
S. Galow

The day my sweet baby boy AJ went to heaven I was given this bear by the hospital. It made it easier to leave not empty handed. We sewed our heart shape urn into the bear. My husband and I take turns sleeping with him. This bear has and continues to help me heal tremendously.

S. Galow
Officer Rick K.

Thank you for your generosity to S.D.P.D. and your dedication to helping people in need.

Officer Rick K. (S.D.P.D. Trauma Unit)

Often when children arrive at our Center they are nervous and sometimes scared, however after upon leaving, when handed the gift of a Comfort Cub, they ALWAYS leave with a smile. For them, it is a sense of comfort. I see it as a symbol of hope!

Christina Schultz, Supervisor, San Diego Forensic Health

I am so impressed by the reports of the clinical use of The Comfort Cub. Helping the bereaved cope is never easy- let alone the mother of an infant who died. Finding this therapeutic tool that meets a need that psychotherapy and medications cannot is a HUGE step forward in modern medical care.

Charles vonGunten, MD, VP Medical Affairs, Hospice & Palliative Care of Ohio Health

We have a private suite of rooms that often are used for children who are actively dying or who have died. It is called the Reflection Room. One day we had a large family of a 4 year old who died in the room. Four generations of women were sitting on our little couch. I offered the family a Comfort Cub, which was warmly & eagerly received. Each women held the cub for several minutes before passing it on to another. The last woman on the couch was the great great grandmother. It wasn’t until she held the cub close to her heart that she was able to cry and begin sharing her words of grief and sorrow.

Marta Friedman, LCSW ACHP-SW, JD, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital

I was gifted a Cub after the sudden loss of my almost 10 month daughter Zoey. My husband and I have since donated 2 to others who have experienced the loss of an infant. We will soon be donating 12 to our local hospital with money raised by our local yoga community. What a great organization this is.

Tiffani Light

The Comfort Cub is Wonderful and the story behind it is inspiring! Thank You...I am sorry that there had to be a loss for the cubs to be born...but thankful they are!!

Beth Tortorelli

I will never forget the moment my bear was places in my arms. After so many months of searching I found what I had longed for from the moment I lost my baby. I finally had something to hold that brought me so much peace and comfort.

Deanna D.

This bear has been truly meaningful to me. It’s been the single most therapeutic item I have received.

Alycia R.

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