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Point of Sale Cards

Point of Sale Cards

The Comfort Cub Point of Sale Cards are printed in full color on 8" x 5" glossy cardstock paper. Below is the text printed on the back.

The Comfort Cub® is a therapeutic teddy bear that was created by a grieving mother in the San Diego Hospice Program. After her son passed away, she wanted to help others who have experienced the loss of a child. This teddy bear is specially weighted and intended to feel like holding a newborn.

While the initial intent of The Comfort Cub was for child loss we are seeing that it has provided profound relief for loss of spouse, loss of parent, adoptions, occupational & autism therapy.

The Comfort Cub has been scientifically proven to bring "a decrease in manifestations and relief of grief"*.

*As stated in a study by San Diego Hospice

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